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Global Convoy

Supporting the Global Convoy

Global Convoy is a travel group proving that travelling with a brutally small budget is not only doable but actually better! The group, consisting of Max, Becca and Joel, are travel enthusiasts that like to do it all properly. Water-to-Go sponsored Global Convoy in 2016 with bottles and filters to help them stay healthy and hydrated when they travelled across 4 continents and a total of 46 countries. For this venture, they travelled the world in a car that cost £75 and have since created an award-winning documentary about their incredible journey.

The project began in early 2016 with the idea to travel around the world as cheaply as possible through overlanding. The group; Max, Becca, Joel and Rich, created the concept of attempting to complete a full loop of the globe with no planning and with a tiny budget.

Travelling across 4 continents and a total of 46 countries, they found ourselves in all sorts of situations both good and bad. Being an optimistic and a slightly crazy team from the start, we were ready to face all challenges ahead of us and only hope for the best of situations.



“We were lucky enough to have our Water-to-Go bottles for the entire journey but even within Europe, we found ourselves cutting our costs by filling up from waterfalls, lakes and rivers…Water-to-Go was literally a life saver. We were given water from a passer-by and we didn’t even question using our bottles as we knew that although we had no idea where the water had come from we could drink without having to worry about illness or dehydration. It allowed us to carry all our gear and not have to worry about lugging around litres of water. This convenience allowed us to focus our time on absorbing the culture rather than worrying about when we would next find drinking water.”

Global Convoy

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